FCAN Foundation is a non-profit education and research organization under IRS Code 501(c)(3). 

Contributions to FCAN Foundation are tax deductible. FCAN Foundation conducts research and public education on Florida consumer issues and seeks to empower consumers on issues including utilities, health care, infrastructure, environment, and financial services.

FCAN Foundation provides needed consumer resources on health care, transportation, environment, utilities, and insurance along with partners at Fair Share Education Fund and Consumer Federation of America.

Board of Director Members:

Sheldon Busansky
Winnie Foster
Ed Mierzwinski
Jennifer Rubiello
Ray Seaman
Meredith Small
Rosette Walsh

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Complete Streets

Complete Streets are safe for people of all ages and abilities and serve people traveling in all different ways: walking, biking, taking transit, or just enjoying the street as a public space.

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Civil Engagement

We believe consumers should be educated not only on issues but on the processes in government at all levels that affect issues. It is important that consumers know who the decision makers in their community are and how they are influenced.

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Get the Lead Out

In the wake of the tragedy in Flint, Michigan, we now know the toxic threat of lead in drinking water extends to thousands of communities across the country.

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Opioid Crisis

The Pill Mills are gone. Pills are still out there, kids still get them, but it is being controlled and the problem has moved to the streets and to overdose deaths. Look at the chart. It’s out of control.

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